Sunday, 13 May 2018

Grapes, a poem by Julius Chingono

Julius Chingono

Today I was fortunate
to stumble upon a vendor
sorting out grapes for sale.
He separated
the good from the bad
on a plastic sheet
spread on the pavement.
He gave me the ones
that he thought were foul.
I sorted the grapes
in my mouth.
I spat out
those that were bad
but my tongue
did not find
the grapes all that bad.

It's just that
the broken ones
had less juice
and the over-ripe
had an odour.

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get zapped said...

I splendid reminder that we can find the good in things others may not. I love the picture - vibrant color and smile!

Rethabile said...

Didn't know Julius until recently. Brilliant spirit.

Koluki said...

Congratulations on a great poetry blog! Or is it a poetic blog? Or both?
Anyway, congrats.