Friday, 1 March 2019

21 days, a poem by Kamau Brathwaite

One of the most vivid and telling images I've heard in a long time is by Kamau Brathwaite in 21 days, when he says:
on the first day
of yr death it is quiet it is dormant like a doormat
no one-foot touch its welcome. its dust on the floor
is not disturb nor are the sleeping spirits of this house

Read and listen to the rest: 21 days.

Kamau Brathwaite


Anonymous said...

Speechless. That is amazing.....I am going to order a copy of that book right now.

Rethabile said...

It's called "Born to slow horses"

I'll stick it onto my wish list, too.

Anonymous said...

Brathwaite's writing is awesome. I have so much respect for our Caribbean writers. I'd love to be able to sit at their feet, so to speak, and learn from them, lol.

Rethabile said...

That makes two of us, lady. That makes two of us.