Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Popular painting, a poem by Paul Verlaine

The apprentice is too skinny, 15 years old, not good-lookin’,
Gentle in his somewhat lax ruggedness, the skin
Dull, the eye keen and hollow—out of his blue frock,
Bold and stiff to the point, comes his already huge cock
With which he stuffs the boss, who though fat is still good,
Swooning at the edge of the bed as she is screwed,
Legs up and breasts out as if on a storm-ridden boat!
Seeing the guy tighten his butt beneath his coat
And the frequent steps forward that his feet take
She knows he's not afraid to venture deep, to make
Her heavy with child, though of course she doesn't care,
(Isn't her cuckold of a husband rich and never there?)
Just as she is about to reach the supreme rapture
She screams, even as he continues to shaft her:
“You’ve given me a child, I feel it, and you love it
All the more” – “Here are its baptismal sweets!”
She says, when it’s over; then tenderly tickles,
Fondles, caresses and proceeds to fuck the testicles.

Translated from the French by Rethabile Masilo
The original poem (in French) is here:

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